Business Improvement & Change Management



We have collectively gained over 60 years experience working within the public sector to develop, implement and support corporate systems within a project management environment.

We are practitioners of Prince 2 and are proficient at business analysis. 

We can therefore work confidently with IS developers and system users to implement changes. 

Building a Better Business Case

With a foundation in Better Business Cases, we can apply a systematic and objective approach to developing a business case in line with best practice.

Business Cases are prerequisite for starting any business change project under a Prince 2 environment and will help you scope the project highlighting the justification, aims, objectives and required outcomes.

This lets everyone see your vision for change and can be tailored to meet requirements of small or large projects.

Let us work with you to build a better business case.

Business Analysis

We have experience working in a project management environment using business analysis skills.

We can work with all levels of the business to map out processes and identify opportunities and linkages that result in process efficiency.

With our experience we can create the necessary business documentation including process maps that can then be used to assess the impacts of change, create supporting procedures and communicate requirements to others such as IS developers.

Using these skills is not only useful in a project management environment driving change but also when identifying environmental aspects by looking at process inputs and outputs and therefore the identification of Significant Environmental Aspects

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Project Management

Prince 2 provides a method of managing projects within a clearly defined framework.

Being qualified as a Prince 2 practitioner we are focused on quality of the final product and the efficient control of resources. 

We can use Prince 2 methodology to create the appropriate project management documentation and implement appropriate controls to ensure projects meet key milestones, address risks and learn for previous projects. 

Systems Development Testing & Support

Once you have identified the requirements for change, you may wish to implement changes to IS systems to support the new or changed business process.

We have over 20 years experience of working in a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Environment and can work with business users to create the appropriate documentation and support them while they carry out testing of systems to ensure fit for purpose. 

We can liaise comfortably with IS developers and have worked with in Agile and Waterfall environments. 

Following implementation of change, we can be there to support staff through training and help desk provisions.

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