Environment, Health & Safety Compliance



As former regulators we know that understanding your legal Health, Safety and Environmental obligations can sometimes be daunting.  

We know the legal compliance processes and want to help you understand and address compliance issues whither it be directly related to the regulator or via your environmental management systems.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Between us we have over 60 years experience performing environmental compliance audits and inspections.  

We have in depth knowledge of the Environmental Regulatory Regimes under which businesses are obligated to comply with.  These include legislation relating to activities that:

  • may pollute water
  • may pollute air
  • result in waste storage , transport, treatment and disposal.

We understand SEPA's Licensing process and Compliance Assessment Scheme (CAS)  and have been involved in the development and continued improvement of both.  We can therefore bring a holistic view of compliance which can help you keep up to date with legislative requirements and help minimise the risk of non-compliance.

If you are worried about your Environmental Compliance obligations or need to submit an permit application, get in touch so we can help you.

If you are non compliant and want to find out ways to improve your compliance performance with your authorisation have a look at our compliance packages.

Our Compliance Packages

Compliance Obligation Register

Compliance is an fundamental part of managing business risk and is essential for EMS.  

You should understand your Environmental compliance obligations so you can manage risks appropriately.

Under ISO 14001:2015, compliance obligations include 'legal requirements that an organisation has to comply with and other requirements that the organisation has to or chooses to comply with'.

This can include agreements with community groups  or voluntary codes of practice as well as those requirements set by the regulator.

Mandatory legal requirements relate to an organisations environmental aspects it is therefore useful to identify the environmental aspects of your business before fully understanding the compliance obligations.

One way to demonstrate that legal or other compliance obligations have been considered is through the creation and maintenance of a Compliance Obligations Register.

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Compliance with Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

You may also hear 'Compliance' mentioned as part of your EMS.  This means that an auditor is looking at compliance or conformance with management system standards.

We can undertake an audit of your system with a view to determine the level of compliance with the EMS standard.

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Health & Safety

With a wealth of inspection and auditing experience and with NEBOSH qualifications we can help identify Health & Safety risks associated to your business.

Through visiting your site and talking to your employees, we  will be able to compile a comprehensive review of health and safety risks that can then be targeted for improvement.

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