Compliance Packages


Environmental Compliance Packages

Understanding your environmental requirements can be difficult so we have introduced packages that are designed to help you understand compliance, get compliant and manage compliance so that you reduce your risk of being non compliant.  

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Our packages are priced from £450

Understanding Compliance

Want to know more about the environmental legislation that applies to your company?  We offer a legislation review of your business highlighting the legislation that you are likely to need to comply with.  This will not only help you understand your requirements but also help build a legislation register that would be part of an environmental management system.

If you have an environmental authorisation from SEPA we can work with you to understand your requirements.

We also hold regular seminars and workshops to go through compliance requirements so check out our events page to see if there is one of these near you.

Get Compliant

Have you been told you are non compliant with your environmental authorisation? What's better than to ask former regulators their advice on how to get compliant.  We can work with you to:

  • Understand why you are non compliant
  • Create an action plan to get you compliant
  • Help you implement your plan to get compliant

Manage Compliance

Are you finding keeping up with compliance requirements too onerous?  Do you need help collecting data to demonstrate you are compliant?  

We have experience of setting up systems to track and report compliance and have extensive knowledge of SEPA's data return requirements.  We can:

  • Set up systems to help you gather monitoring data to submit to SEPA
  • Collect monitoring data on your behalf
  • Submit data returns to SEPA on your behalf

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