LCA, Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency


Sustainability makes good business sense.  

For us, it comes naturally. Whether you are looking to improve your resource efficiency (i.e. generate less waste) or investigate circular economy opportunities, we can use our knowledge and experience to identify potential business improvement that not only may save you money but also help you become sustainable. 

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

According to the European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment (LSA), ' Life cycle thinking is fundamental when assessing the sustainability of products and of organisations.   

Life cycle assessment, or LCA, is a quantitative tool that helps implement this thinking.

An LCA facilitates the systematic quantitative assessment of products, both goods and services, in terms of environmental, human health, and resource consumption considerations.  The full life cycle of a product is taken into account– this includes the supply of raw materials, processing, transport, retail, use, as well as end-of-life waste management .'

When we see the impact of plastics in our oceans, we start to question why this was allowed to happen.  Responsible businesses should know the life cycle of their product and work to reduce its impacts throughout the supply chain; from cradle to grave. 

This will enable sustainable business practices and circular economy principles and allow you to get the most from defining Aspects related to Environmental Management Systems.

Get to know your product life cycle so you can make real changes and let us help you do it to achieve real results.

Circular Economy

We are moving from a linear society of make, use and dispose to a circular model which is aimed at keeping products from becoming waste for as long as possible.  

Responsible business who want to achieve sustainable practices should now be looking at Circular Economy opportunities. This means that business needs to view the design, manufacturing , use and disposal of products differently.

We practice what we preach and our Directors are directly involved with working in partnership with others to create a Circular Economy.  By gaining hands on experience though 'Edge of Eden Design Studio' we get to see Circular Economy principles in action. 

Watch 'A Journey to Sustainability' video below and see how our Director; Susan Hunter uses sustainability and circular economy principles to make Edge of Eden Design Studio products.

We want to work with you to achieve a circular society.  Get in touch so we can identify opportunities for your business.

A Journey to sustainability

Resource Efficiency

Utilising resources efficiently contributes to the creation of sustainable business.  It means that wastage is reduced and money is saved.  This includes:

  • Energy usage
  • Water usage
  • Waste reduction

Whether or not you are looking to implement Circular Economy principles or want to get the most for your money, you should be looking at resource efficiency.

We can help you identify savings.  Get in touch to find out more.

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