Management Systems



Management Systems and International Standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001 are designed to put in place a formal structure to make the management of your business risks and opportunities easier.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor qualified and can help you get the most from your management system.

We can carry out comprehensive Environmental Reviews to help identify your significant environmental aspects and impacts, help you implement management systems and carry out surveillance audits to check how you are performing against standards.

Environmental Review

Carrying out an Environmental Review at your place of business is a great place to start understanding Environmental risks and opportunities associated with your business.

We will walk through your daily business and identify environmental aspects to create an easy to read report that will highlight the environmental risks and opportunities faced by your business.  

This is an ideal foundation for building Environmental Aspects and Impacts registers required by formal management systems like  ISO 14001:2015 or for the setting of internal key performance indicators (KPI's).

Aspects & Impacts Registers

A register of Environmental Aspects and their associated  Environmental Impacts is required by Environmental Management Systems certifiable to ISO 14001:2015    

Aspects cover:

  • Emissions to Air
  • Releases to Water
  • Releases to Land
  • Use of raw materials
  • Use of energy
  • Energy emitted such as heat, light, vibration
  • Use of Space
  • Generation of waste and/or by-products

This will allow for Significant Environmental Aspects to be identified, targeted and objectives set for improvement or action.

Not all Aspects are a threat or risk to business, in some cases aspects can be positive and be used to contribute to sustainable business growth.

We will create an Aspects & Impacts Register and use an established risk based matrix to rate the Aspects identified so they can be incorporated into future action plans and KPI's.

Creating an Aspects and Impacts Register will also allow for easy linkage to Compliance obligations.

Compliance Obligations

Understanding your environmental compliance obligations should be an essential part of any business model whether as part of a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) or as part of routine Risk Assessment. 

ISO 14001:2015 has a new 'Compliance Obligations' clause that not only deals with Environmental Regulatory requirements but also with any other agreement with other parties such as Stakeholder or community working agreements.  

We are former Environmental Regulators with experience dealing with SEPA's Compliance Assessment Scheme and Enforcement Policies and Procedures.  

We can create a Register of 'Compliance Obligations' and associate these to your Environmental Aspects so you can see the regulatory and voluntary controls applicable to your business.

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Implementation of an EMS

You may wish to have formal control over your environmental risks and opportunities for stakeholder or business risk reasons.  One way in demonstrating that your business is committed to the protection and enhancement of the Environment and to sustainable business is to adopt an Environmental Management System (EMS) either formally or informally.

The most common EMS in Scotland and the rest of the UK is International Standard 14001 (ISO 14001:2015), although other standards exist like the Eco-Management and Auditing System  (EMAS) that you may find used by other European Countries.

Adopting an EMS can have many benefits such as:

  • Financial  benefits through reducing risk, improving process efficiency and reducing waste
  • Ability to target environmental aspects and bring about environmental improvement
  • Improved Advantage over Competitors due to recognisable commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment.
  • Meet with supply chain requirements to demonstrate compliance with Environmental standards.

Depending on your business needs you may wish to implement an EMS in part to meet with internal standards or opt for a fully certifiable system.  We are here to provide advice, support and assistance to meet with your needs.

Surveillance Audits

We love to audit, sad but true!  We can work with you to get the most from your management systems.  

We are ISO 9001 lead auditor qualified which is an excellent basis for auditing management systems.

By performing surveillance audits we can check against the standards and make sure your system is still working as it should.  

Working with us means that you get our experience as Environmental Regulators.  We have routinely performed inspection and audits of various business types and sectors and can deal comfortably with all levels of staff. 

We have an natural eye for areas that impact on the environment and know the signs of a well implemented system.

We can audit your system in whole or part, highlight non conformance, non compliance and areas that are working well.  We will of course, provide you with any recommendation for improvements on the observations that we note.

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