Sector Working


We have vast knowledge of environmental systems and processes within a public sector environment and can undertake contract work as tenders or 'Quick Quotes' on the Public Contracts Scotland System. 

We have experience working with a variety of sectors so we can work in partnership with you to deliver business requirements.

Public Sector

We are registered with Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) which is the portal used by public sectors for tendering of projects and work.

This means we can submit bids on projects that we have knowledge, experience and resources to deliver.  

It also means that public sector bodies can contact us under 'Quick Quotes' to carry out smaller projects.

If you are interested in working with us under the PCS, please feel free to contact us.

Helping others with tenders

If, like us, you want to work with the public sector as a contractor, you will need to be registered under PCS.  

When you are bidding for contracts, you are likely to be asked about your environment, sustainability policies and your corporate social responsibility.

This may sound daunting but we can provide help with creating environment, sustainability and corporate responsibility statements that will give you a competitive edge.

Sector working

Coming from a public sector background means that we have dealt with most sectors in someway.  In most cases this would be the provision of environmental advice and guidance.

These are only some of the sectors that we have worked with:

  • Construction & Engineering
  • Public & Private Water & Water Supply
  • Fish Farms
  • Wind farms
  • Waste recycling & Disposal

Get in touch to see if we can bring our experience to help you.

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