Research, Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement


With 20 years experience of developing and communicating environmental strategy at a National and European Level, we can provide research, consultation and reporting services.   


We have a wealth of experience carrying out environmental research and policy development.  

Our experience working within SEPA's Development Unit and Innovation departments mean that we have the skills to undertake research for the purposes of making policy or creating best practice guidance.  

We have worked at a European Policy making level and have actively contributed to research and development of compliance and environmental management systems.  This work is published under IMPEL and can be found following this link:

Stakeholder Engagement

Through previously working for a public body, stakeholder engagement was an intrinsic part of continuous development and improvement.  

We routinely undertook formal and informal stakeholder engagement.  This included engagement with:

  • Staff, departments & management
  • Scottish Government
  • Licence and Permit holders
  • Members of the public

Our stakeholder engagement would include working group sessions, information sessions, presentations to management teams and the publication and collection of formal consultation documents.

You can see an example of our experience here:

Report Writing & Presentation

Being able to communicate research and stakeholder findings, we must be able to write fully comprehensible reports outlining aims, objectives, findings and recommendations. 

We have experience writing reports and can tailor our report writing to meet with the needs of the reader.  This means we can provide effective communication of results at all levels.

We are also able to present information to all levels and have experience delivering presentations to:

  • All levels of staff, including management
  • Scottish Government
  • European working groups & conferences

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