It's time.  Sustainable business is more than looking after the purse strings.  In order to survive in a world of depleting resources and changing climate you need to be in control.  

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Steps to Sustainability


Step 1. Be aware of your impacts

Know the score!  You need to understand how your business interacts with the environment ensuring you know your environmental impacts, risks and opportunities.  

Create an action plan on how you are going to tackle these.


Step 2: Protect your environment

Make sure you are protecting the environment by understanding and meeting your environmental obligations and by addressing your environmental impacts.


Step 3: Improve your environment and local communities

Do more than just protect the environment.  Improve it.  Do this by working with others and your communities to implement projects to improve and regenerate your environment.


Step 4: Be an environmental influencer

Influence sustainable decision making and reduce the impacts of your business throughout your supply chain by thinking about the life-cycle of your product. 

Work constructively with each other to reduce packaging waste and carbon from logistics.


Step 5: Think Circular

 Rethink your product design to take into account how its made, used and disposed.  

Apply a circular design model instead of a linear model so you understand the deconstruction requirements and future use of your product constituents when it has reached the end of its life.

Work with others to create 'waste to resource' markets


Step 6: Take responsibility

Become a Product Steward.  Establish strong relationships with specialist bodies such as Zero Waste Scotland and look to Universities and Colleges for research and support as you take on the responsibility for your product at the end of its life.

The End?

Not quite.......

Go back to Step 1.  Keep continually reviewing and improving.  Change and opportunity is constant.  Be ready for it.

Take our health check test to see how well we think you are achieving sustainability goals. 

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A guide to what your score means is given below. 

What your score means


80% - 100% - you're acing it!

 You are in a position to  be a Product Steward and encourage others to progress their sustainability journey. 


50% - 79% - You're on the right track!

 You understand the concept of sustainability, but there are some areas that you could do better.  Check our 'Steps to Sustainability' guide to see what else you can do. 


Under 50% - Keep going!

 Don't worry, we can get you there.  Take a look at our 'Steps to Sustainability' guide that will give you a bit more insight into what you need to do.  Even the smallest of steps will get you there eventually. 

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