Working with us

What to expect when you work with us

When you work with us, you will receive our expert advice and guidance but we wont baffle you with jargon. We have over 60 years combined experience working in the public sector as Environmental Regulators and can understand the jargon on your behalf.  

We are built on the principles of sustainable business practices and aim to help others do the same. 

We carry out our work with pride.  We have spent many years becoming experts in our field and want to continue to contribute to a Sustainable Scotland through the provision of expert advice to others and by leading by example.

As you would expect, we practice what we preach and our Directors demonstrate commitment to Company values through signed policies that we expect others to hold us accountable to.   You can view these below.

Our Commitment

Corporate Sustainablilty & Social Responsibility

We practice what we preach and help others achieve sustainable ethical business practices.  We invest in our staff, local communities and environment. 

Protecting & Enhancing the Environment

Environmental Protection and enhancement is at the core of everything we do.  With over 60 years combined experience of protecting Scotland's environment we know how important it is. 

Health, Safety & Well Being

With NEBOSH qualified Health & Safety specialists we have expert and up to date best practice at hand.  We value our staff and know they are our greatest asset.  Maintaining good physical and mental well being is essential for sustainable business.